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Marijuana Paraphernalia - Accessories for Smoking and Consuming Marijuana

Marijuana Paraphernalia - Accessories for Smoking and Consuming Marijuana

Marijuana paraphernalia is the collection of accessories available for either smoking or consuming weed and there is a large industry devoted to the production of these accessories for purchasing.  


Smoking with Pipes and More

If you are a smoker and prefer to consume your marijuana by smoking it, let's look at a number of the most popular accessories for smoking:

- the Bong which is a metal bowl with a water pipe at one end. The tube should be filled with water and the marijuana placed in the bowl. The bowl is heated. If you inhale through the tube, the water will filter your marijuana.

- the Bowl which is a metal bowl with a stem pipe attached for heating and smoking.

- the Hookah is usually a metal pipe with an inhalation tube attached.

- the Bubbler which is a bong combined with a pipe usually in the glass. It is small which makes it ideal for carrying.


Joint rolling

The most common marijuana paraphernalia are smoking papers which allow you to roll your own joints. For the more creative among us, the Blunt offers the possibility to substitute cigar tobacco with cannabis and smoke it as if a normal cigar. The Spliff is a joint where cannabis is mixed together with some loose tobacco. Various types of rolling trays are also available on the market.


Vaporizers, Pens, and Clips

Marijuana pens are portable vaporizers. Some pens use concentrates while others actually heat the cannabis to turn it into a vapor to inhale. The Vape Pen is a smaller vaporizer similar to an e-cigarette that does not produce an odor, allowing you to inhale weed without attracting attention. Cannabis clips are an important accessory if you prefer smoking joints. The clips allow you to hold the roach butt to the very end without burning your hands and even exist in a telescopic version.


Transport Accessories

The most common accessory used to carry marijuana remains the plastic bag in varying sizes. However, small toke bags, canisters, pill bottles, and pillboxes in any form, shape or material have become increasingly popular with the legalization of marijuana in some locations.


Finally a note about herb grinders that will break up the cannabis flower so that it can be used in a bowl, joint or a blunt. These grinders are available in metal, stone or even wood. Whatever your fashion style or decorating tastes, you'll find an array of marijuana paraphernalia available to choose from.