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1000 Veterans Receive Marijuana Goodies in Colorado Springs

If you’re a veteran, you were able to head over to Colorado Springs this past Saturday to pick up a goodie bag of marijuana products.  So what was in the goodie bag you ask?  The veterans were provided with cannabis oil, an edible chocolate bar and seeds to grow marijuana plants.  So where’s the weed?  The veterans were not provided with any forms of marijuana strains such as Sativa Indica or Hybrid for people to smoke.  That was not the intent of this event Roger Martin said, who is the co-founder of Grow4Vets that put on this event.  The idea is to bring awareness to veterans that suffer from military caused issues such as physical or mental pain.  Grow4Vets wants to let veterans know there is an alternate form of relief than just pills.  Many veterans take multiple forms of pills a month to treat their issues they face, not knowing there could be a safer form of relief from marijuana.  Marijuana also has many different forms how you can receive the medicine such as: Smoking flowers to concentrates, eating edibles and even topical.


Since Colorado is a legal state to provide marijuana, Grow4Vets were able to hand out these free goodie bags to Vets.  Non vets were also able to participate as long as they were 21 but they were encouraged to pay a $20 donation for the products.  Grow4Vets put on this event in Denver the week before and will also put on future events as well.