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21 Pounds of Pot Seized from University of Illinois Students

In some states, being found with a bit of pot on your person is a forgivable offense.  While it certainly varies from state to state, it’s hard to imagine 21 pounds of pot being seen as “a forgivable offense”.  At the University of Illinois, three men are currently finding out how just offensive this poundage will be in the eyes of the law after being caught with and arrested for 21 pounds of pot.


Reports indicate that the school’s “targeted response team”, part of the University of Illinois’ police department, has been working the case for several weeks.  At the time the search warrants were served on Thursday, the police recovered cannabis that has an estimated street value of around $80,000.  The police also recovered about $4,000 in cash, scales, and cocaine, as well.


Each of the three men, ages 19, 20, and 28, has now been charged with a Class X felony, and they’ll each likely face jail time.  The amount of marijuana discovered, as well as the paraphernalia and the way in which the weed was packaged, led to a logical deduction that the men were trafficking the plant.  One other person have (so far) avoided charges --- reports say that one woman tipped off one of the three men that the police had intent to search the apartments, an action which ultimately caused an additional search warrant to be served after a portion of the pot had been relocated.