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Aging Anteater gets CBD treatments

Aging Anteater gets CBD treatments

Eury the anteater is 19 years old. He has lived 4 years beyond the age an anteater would live if he was in the wild (they live 10 to 15 years). He is not as young as he once was so to adjust to his new age restrictions, the Greensboro Science Center is taking steps to help his quality of life.

Eury the “grumpy old Man” has arthritis and is recovering from an old hip injury. He receives CBD oil, acupuncture and laser treatments on a regular basis to treat his chronic pains. Despite his advanced age, he is doing well says the center.

The Greensboro Science Center is giving this 7-foot long anteater his regular treatments and is working to make his habitat more comfortable as well.  At 120 pounds and with aching joints, the CBD helps treat his chronic pain and a new bed of pine shavings helps him feel relax more. The staff has also given him the shoes off their feet. He particularly likes their sent rich shoes.

The staff gives him his favorite snacks and the CBD treats are a regular part of his diet. They are also adjusting his sanctuary to make it easier for him to navigate the grounds. Eury is currently the size of a golden retriever and his weight makes it difficult to move. The CBD helps him feel more comfortable while he ingests his 35,000 daily ants.

Despite his age, Eury is doing well the staff say. The adjustments they are making seem to be helping this senior anteater get around more easily and is able to do his normal routine. He is cleaning himself well, eating properly, and sticking his tongue into the shoes of Science Center Visitors. He is acting the way he is supposed to.