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Airport Amnesty Boxes for Buds

With floods of tourists making their way to Colorado to get in on the action surrounding legalized recreational marijuana, the airports and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials haven’t been wandering around looking for something to do.  Even though marijuana is illegal in DIA and the Colorado Springs airport, there have been enough people trying to board planes with pot that the Colorado Springs airport has taken an interesting action: they’ve provided “amnesty boxes” for passengers to deposit their pot without penalty.


Under the state’s law, weed can be left in the cars that are parked on or around the airports’ campuses, but the plant (or plant-infused products) cannot be brought into the airport facilities.  In an attempt to keep violators out of harm’s way for those travelers that innocently enough didn’t realize that they couldn’t bring cannabis into airports, the airport in Colorado Springs has installed two “amnesty boxes”, which are placed just outside of the security checkpoints.  Here, anyone that has unwittingly broken the law by bringing pot with them into the airport’s facilities can simply deposit the pot into the boxes, no questions asked, and no harm, no foul for doing so.


Officials note that once a person has passed the “amnesty boxes” and chooses to continue on through security with marijuana, the leniency will not likely be available.  As passengers are screened by the TSA, Colorado Springs police will be called to the side of any passenger that has been found with pot once they’ve made it to the checkpoint.  Also noteworthy is the fact that federal law, and the illegality with which marijuana is deemed, govern the rules of the aircraft.  If a person manages to squeeze past security with pot and is later found with the plant on the plane, the fines and possible jail time associated with the federal rules will apply.