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Alabama Senate passes Medical Marijuana

Alabama Senate passes Medical Marijuana

On May 10, 2019, the Alabama Senate passed legalization to allow for medical marijuana to be solid in and around the state. Bill 236, known as the Care Act, is set to go to the Alabama House for the next vote to push it through. The bill allows for 30 conditions to be covered under new rules that are even now being written.

Patients hoping to get a medical marijuana dispensary card would need a prescription from a certified doctor and a recommendation from a specialist to obtain their card. The bill if it passes the house next will allow for patients suffering from addiction, cancer, autism, epilepsy, terminal conditions and other end-of-life care problems to be eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card.

The 17-6 vote approved the first step in moving forward with medical marijuana patient care and a second bill sponsored by Tim Melson (Republican) is set to be addressed in the coming year which will support research into more medical marijuana care. The bill shows the benefits of using marijuana to treat conditions and ailments outside of the allowable 30 categories.

Senator Melson began supporting the medical marijuana movement after conducting his own research into the benefits of using marijuana to treat all kinds of ailments. There are also several studies being conducted around the United States to help support his decision to move forward with the bill when more conclusive evidence is available.

The detractors of the bill are fighting to stop its movement forward. One of the reasons highlighted in the recent surge in Opioid deaths. Marijuana is not an opioid but is being linked to it as a place for people to start down a downward path of destruction. Aside from these detractors marijuana is being looked more into for pain management and cancer treatment.