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An Increase in Enrollment in Colorado

We try to spread our stories around to other cities and countries, but the fact of the matter is that right now, Colorado is on center stage when it comes to cannabis, and all eyes are on that state and the choices and factors involving its individual cities.  When the curtains lift, and everybody is watching Colorado, it should come as no surprise that college applicants are some of the most steadfast viewers of Colorado laws.


Colleges and universities across Colorado have seen a recent uptick in the number of applicants at their schools.  Officials of these higher education establishments seem to stray away from the fact that Amendment 64 has anything to do with the increased enrollment and applications, even if a large part of the applications are coming from out of state students.


An authority figure at one such institution indicates that the rise in enrollment is due to an outspread marketing and communications effort that was meant to bring students in from multiple cities and regions.  All smoke and mirrors aside, those in the know caution students to do their homework before applying to a college or university in Colorado simply because of the ability to toke.  Most schools (if not all) have a zero tolerance policy, which means that, regardless of the city’s or state’s affinity toward tolerance, students that choose to partake in the act of toking are likely subject to punishments that they may not have been expecting if they didn’t do their homework beforehand.


What do you think about increased enrollments at higher education facilities in Colorado?  Share your thoughts with us in the ‘Comments’ section below!