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Arizona’s Annual Anti-Drug Conference

Arizona has increasingly been making waves in the world of weed.  Although the MATForce conference is one that occurs annually, this year there might be a few more people, Dispensaries in Phoenix paying attention than there have been in years past.  After all, this year’s featured speaker is a man that Rolling Stone has reportedly dubbed “Legalization Enemy No. 1”.


Who is this man, you ask?  When the conference kicks off tomorrow at 1pm, the featured speaker on stage will be a man known as Kevin Sabet.  This is a man who has served in the Office of National Drug Control Policy through not one, but two presidents.  He’s a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization and decriminalization, seeking only re-education and treatment programs for those who qualify for the lesser of punishments and sending the rest to prison for lengthy sentences.


The three-hour long annual conference still has space available for those who wish to attend.  The lineup doesn’t just include Mr. Sabet, although he’s certainly one of the faces that people on both sides of the fence will be eager to see.  Other speakers include Yavapai County attorney Sheila Polk, whose name you might recognize in relation with exposing abuse of power from Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andy Thomas.  While she made fans state-wide over those situations, even her supporters may not be big fans of her beliefs that marijuana users belong behind bars.  The final speaker, Beth Kempshall, is expected to talk about how decriminalization has a negative effect on the efforts of law enforcement to get pot out of Arizona’s black market.


If you’re around Maricopa County, and you wish to attend this conference, send your RSVP to