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Bieber’s Latest Budventures

We’ll stop writing about Bieber just as soon as he stops making headlines.  We swear.  In the meantime, Bieber’s latest antics definitely seemed like a good break away from politics and a nice entry back into silly celebrity stories.

So what’s the scoop?  According to reports, Bieber and his dad, along with a group of the crooner’s friends, boarded a private plane from Canada to Teeterboro Airport in New Jersey.  After an intoxicating flight, whereby the pilots reportedly were forced to wear oxygen masks due to the overwhelming pot smoke that had completely filled up the plane, the aircraft was detained by the DEA and Customs and Border Patrol agents who met the plane when it landed.

If you think the pilots were being dramatic with their oxygen masks, keep in mind that they are regularly subjected to drug tests.  After all, if you’re flying, you probably only want your pilots to be one kind of high, and that’s not the kind that comes from cannabis.  In addition to the oxygen-masked pilots, the flight attendant was said to be significantly harassed by the group to the point that the pilots housed her near the cockpit.

The captain of the aircraft is said to have warned Bieber and buds to stop smoking weed numerous times throughout the flight, but the warnings seem to have gone unheeded.  It seems that the official search of the plane yielded no illegal substances, and the flight crew declined to press charges against anyone on board.

Bieber has several court appearances starting to stack up in the coming weeks as a result of his recent antics.