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Big Wigs Jump on the Bud Wagon

Big Wigs Jump on the Bud Wagon

What do a former US Representative, a former House Speaker, a few former State Senators, an ex-sheriff, and a couple of former top aides have in common?  No, it’s not the fact that all of these titles were held in former lives.  Actually, each of these job titles is indicative of a former political or law enforcement member that has not jumped onto the bud wagon in the state of Massachusetts.


This state hasn’t been quite as quick to adopt the idea of legalization as the western states have been, but Massachusetts has been more progressive than some of its New England neighbors.  Stuck right in the middle of the road in the marijuana debates, the industry there has a sparkle of lure that many of finding hard to resist.  Whether these political figures are getting in the game for profit or they truly are interested in finding patients natural alternatives to their currently prescribed controlled substances, they’re filling positions from funding to advising and everywhere in between.


Last week, the state saw over 100 applications on Thursday alone as people rushed to get in on the final round of the process which will eventually award dispensary licenses to up to thirty five non-profit medical marijuana facilities.  Each county is permitted to have one dispensary but not more than five.  Spread out across the state, this means that dispensaries will likely be far and few between, ushering in the idea of ample customers and cash for those that win the right to complete their registration and walk away with their own marijuana dispensary licenses.


Lawyers, former politicos, and ex-law enforcement are backing their favorite businesses to help them navigate the process, and, of course, potentially gain profit in the end.