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Blunts and Burger Buns

The next time you go to your local fast food joint to pick up a burger, you might get more than you were planning for (for some of you, this could be seen as a gift).  A couple of days ago, TMZ reported that a worker at a popular fast food restaurant served more than just the burger and bun when one woman made her order at the Georgia location.


Apparently, early last month, one worker made her way to just another day behind the burger joint’s counter.  Not long after she punched the clock, she discovered that the roach she had kept for later had mysteriously disappeared.  Just a short while later, a woman called 911, reportedly upset that she had just discovered the half-smoked blunt in her burger’s bun.


Reports state that the customer asked the police to meet her back at the fast food restaurant that she had purchased her order from.  Cops questioned the employee, who is said to have come clean right away, admitting that the blunt was hers, and that she had been smoking on the job.  That particular burger was ultimately adorned with lettuce, cheese, a pickle, and, oh yeah, a half-smoked blunt.


The employee was almost immediately fired, and the company reports that her lack of respect for the rules and regulations when it comes to proper food handling were large contributors to the decision.  The customer, who reportedly went to the hospital after experiencing symptoms similar to those of food poisoning, is being kept on the mind of the company, who is reported to be paying her medical bills and working out other favorable propositions to make the situation better.  

If you have any similar experiences, please post a comment or add a new thread on our marijuana forums.  We are always excited to hear news on peoples' experiences about marijuana.