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Building a Hobby and later a Business out of Marijuana

Building a Hobby and later a Business out of Marijuana

The Blues Brothers star, Jim Belushi, is into marijuana in the farmer and company management sort of way. He started Belushi farms in Oregon after marijuana was legalized and he is actively working to build up his 93-acre marijuana farm to grow and produce under his own brands.

One of Belushi’s primary goals is to get his own “Blues Brothers” brand onto the marijauana dispensary store shelves in his home state of Illinois where recreational marijuana recently became legal. He wants his marijuana strain brands on the shelves January 1st of next year. He wants to celebrate the new Illinois legalization by driving a replica Bluesmobile car around Chicago’s Lake Street with a giant joint on the top of the car.

Belushi is not the only celebrity getting into the marijuana business. This new market is moving and growing slowly, Illinois is only the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana, but much of the country is expecting complete legalization in all states in the coming years.

Belushi’s marketing plans involve a complete expansion of his business into California and Nevada to help line up other growers and partners. Belushi is seen not as a celebrity who is lending his name to a product, but a person who knows marijuana from the seed on up.

One of Belushi’s goals for his business to make it one of the “go-to” brands for people. Because of the illegal status of marijuana in most states still, there are no brands for people to name. He wants his brands to be some of the first people know and actively use.

Belushi wants to use his Bluesbrothers background to help grow his business as people connect his brand with the iconic movie and all it has meant for people. He wants people to see the logo on his marijuana and smile.