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CBD for Pets?

CBD for Pets?

Angela Ardolino went looking for a product to treat her rheumatoid arthritis after reading about the side effects that come with prescription medications. She tried CBD oil, and it worked.

After realizing the benefit from CBD, Ardolino thought of trying CBD for her schnauzer, Odie. Odie also has arthritis, but when Ardolino went looking for something to treat him, she found nothing in the United States. So she started making her own.

Florida’s Amendment 2 legalized medical marijuana. Because of this, she was able to get a degree in CBD oil for use in treatment from the University of Vermont. She partnered with a biochemist, Ashok Patel, and together they created CBD Dog Health.  It's like getting a perscription from a Marijuana Doctor.

Humans, animals, and anything with a spine is born with an endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoid systems are receptors for inflammation. CBD Oil is a natural product with anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD is part of medical marijuana. It is the part that does not get you high. THC is removal leaves only CBD behind. Ardolino is not the only person looking to find a way to help her pet. Companies around the nation have started doing the same thing.

CBD oils and other treats manufactured for pets have their brands that are hitting the market. The CBD products include the K9 Cannapaws, a Boaca Raton Products. The K9 Cannapaws products design to boosts the immune system while decreasing inflammation and pain in dogs. However, the theory behind the science is still in testing.

Researchers are looking at how effective CBD is in treating pets while balancing the legality of CBD against federal restrictions. The laws currently do not allow for vegetarians to distribute CBD to pets and patients.

Garde, a friend of Ardolino, has been giving her dogs drops of “calm” CBD oil before storms and has seen incredible results. Their shaking diminished, and his dog Oskar stopped barking during storms.