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Numerous celebrities are publicly telling of their use of narcotics in order to contribute to the battle for the legalization of marijuana. Lots of these celebrities initially hid their use of drugs in order to protect their careers. Many very famous actresses and actors have now come clean about their smoking weed and their pro-pot positions. Some very well-known names on the public pro-weed list include

- Jennifer Aniston admits to smoking weed, enjoying it and seeing no harm in a joint

- Drew Barrymore was immortalized in a photograph sharing a joint together with Cameron Diaz

- Justin Bieber was seen smoking marijuana publicly in 2013

- Miley Cyrus calls weed 'the best drug on earth'

- Johnny Depp declared that he had tried every drug available by age fourteen

- Cameron Diaz in a discussion with George Lopez remembered buying weed from her high school classmate Snoop Dog

- Snoop Dog who smokes weed publicly on stage during his concerts

- Megan Fox declared in 2009 to GQ that she would be the first in line to buy weed if it was legalized

- Paris Hilton

- Lady Gaga admitted to smoking marijuana during an interview with 60 Minutes

- Madonna who has always admitted to smoking pot in her past

- Matthew McConaughey got arrested for possession in 1999 when his neihìghbor lodged a complaint about him being too noisy. He was nude, dancing and noisily playing the bongos

- President Barack Obama wrote about his use of narcotics in his book The Audacity of Hope

- Brad Pitt boasted to Bill Maher that he considered himself an artist when rolling joints but eventually gave up pot when he became a father

- Rihanna was seen enjoying weed in Hawaii in 2012

- Patrick Stewart who in 2017 confessed to smoking weed daily

- Charlize Theron way back in 2002 was observed while enjoying weed in an apple bong that was homemade

- Oprah Winfrey stated she smoked marijuana way back in 1982


And the list goes on with President Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Kirsten Dunst, Robert Downey Jr., Jay-Z, David Letterman, Justin Timberlake and many, many more. If it was up to Hollywood, TV and the Arts, marijuana would already be legalized everywhere and marijuana dispensaries would be at your corner stores like milk and cookies.