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Californian Becomes Cream of the Crop

There’s no need to play Chicken-or-Egg when it comes to the career of Californian Robert Jacob.  This man’s career in the cannabis industry far preceded his involvement in politics.  In fact, it was largely because of the marijuana industry that Jacob found his way to the political platform.  This businessman-turned-political man was recently elected as mayor of Sebastopol, CA, and medical marijuana is on this man’s mind.


Back in 2007, Jacob went on a mission to uncover the disenfranchisement that cannabis-using citizens felt between keeping legal and using their chosen form of medicinal relief.  Starting with this group of people, he gradually moved across the political lines, working to engage those who opposed cultivation, selling, and using the plant.  He worked with people that sit on the local Chamber of Commerce, he met with local police officers, and he got to know the local neighbors, recruiting eighteen of them to be ambassadors for the cause.


Here we are, two dispensaries (both in Sonoma County), a spot on the town’s planning commission, and a seat on City Council later, and this entrepreneur has made his own headlines again.  Jacob has now been named mayor of Sebastopol, which officially names him as the first dispensary owner to claim the highest title to govern an American city.  Jacob is now working to get marijuana on the forefront of the public’s mind so they can grab the attention of supportive politicians before the ballots make their way to the tables next time.  Several northern California communities recently ousted the idea of dispensaries in their neighborhoods, and Jacob is intent on being proactive next time, as opposed to reactive.