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Canada’s Crackdown on Cannabis Growers

For some people, April 1st is the notorious April Fool’s Day.  It’s the day when pranksters all over the globe dig into their bags of tricks to come up with memorable foolery that will keep their victims talking for months to come.


In Canada, pot growers and patients aren’t finding this year’s upcoming April Fool’s Day very funny at all.  In fact, this April 1st, Health Canada, the governmental body in charge of overseeing and regulating the country’s medical practices and rules, has warned that all medical marijuana growers must destroy all of their crops or face potential punishment, according to  Currently, approved growers have a certain number of plants that they are permitted to care for and harvest on their property.  Beginning April 1st, the government is revamping its medical marijuana policy to make room for the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (MMPR).


Although the idea of simply destroying plants in the name of changing governmental regulations is crazy to some, the implications that accompany this legal alteration are much more insane to many.  While police are currently not privy to the information that relates to growers such as names and addresses, members of the Toronto Drug Squad anticipate that, beginning April 1st, police will be afforded with such information as a means of following up on enforcement of this new regulation.


Opponents of the change argue that giving police the personal information of medical marijuana patients is a breach of privacy, that which is ultimately illegal.  Not only are people concerned with the privacy matters involved in this situation, but the cost of the commercial weed that will be available to medical marijuana costs three to twelve times as much per gram as it does for these patients to grow it themselves.


An injunction has been proposed to give current medical marijuana patients a chance to be heard by a judge.  Only time will tell the outcome of that coming case.