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Cannabis Brownies in the Classroom

It’s long been frowned upon (read: not allowed) to solicit and sell things on school grounds (unless, of course, we’re talking about a school-approved bake sale or something of the likes).  Those “things” can mean pretty much anything, and over time, students have been caught selling all kinds of items on school grounds across the country.  Three Connecticut high school boys recently made a decision to put the idea of a bake sale to a whole new level.


As reports, the boys, ages 14, 15, and 16 were arrested following an investigation that began on March 18th.  It was at that time that the high school’s resource office was made aware of a possible pot brownie sale that was going around school.  The report indicates that it all started with one of the boys, who sold the brownies to the second boy, who, in turn, sold them to the third boy.  The third boy is said to have had the intention of selling the batch to other students around school.


The teens have been charged with drug crimes and face potential suspension from school.  They’ve been released to their parents following their arrests, but next week, they’ve been ordered to appear in Danbury Juvenile Court.


Although the state of Connecticut has decriminalized marijuana possession, it’s highly unlikely that the judge will take that into consideration in this case of a school bake sale gone wrong.