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Think classes for cannabis are just a dream?  Think again!  One man in Florida has made cannabis courses his mission, and he’s trying to get in ahead of the game, considering the fact that medical marijuana hasn’t even made its way onto the state’s list of things that are legal.


Jeremy Bufford is a Florida man with marijuana on his radar.  He has created Medical Marijuana Tampa, which is an institution that teaches its students all about the world of weed.  Education is the name of the game at this establishment, as the instructors teach everything about marijuana from the history of the plant itself to pharmacology and growing.  In the name of sensitivity to the illegality of the issue, substitute plants are used to teach the students about growing and farming.  Pepper and tomato plants are currently being used in place of marijuana plants so the students can learn to use hydroponic and aeroponic systems.


Think you have the kind of green thumb that would be perfect for this place?  They’re hiring!  But keep in mind that they’re not hiring “just anybody”.  In fact, Bufford says, “I’ve brought in experts that are far more informed about the product than I am. I’ve brought in professors from California. I’ve brought in growers from Michigan. I’m putting together a brain trust. The smartest, the best and the brightest to lead our organization into the future.”


Students are sure to get a well-rounded education, but that’s only assuming they can actually get into the classes.  At $499, enough people have signed up for these higher education courses to keep any classes in the near future full.  If you’re looking for an investment opportunity that has some real growth potential, Bufford is currently looking for investors to help him reach his current $10 million goal.