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Connecticut to Legalize and give Money to Poor

Connecticut to Legalize and give Money to Poor

In three weeks, Connecticut could be the first state in the Union to not only legalize recreational marijuana but set it up so that money generated will be sent to the impoverished neighborhoods with the highest unemployment in the state. This revolutionizing state has the chance to vote for the progress of the little people and they only have three weeks left to do it.

Connecticut has two weeks to become the first state to legalize the marijuana market through its own legislative actions. Advocates for legalization are working hard to make sure that legalization of marijuana enriches all the people of the state of Connecticut not just the handful of corporations that will promptly move in and take over.

The Democrats are encouraging full participation in the cannabis industry that will spread across all communities, but especially those hurt by Federal Laws against marijuana. $500,000 is proposed to reach out to these damaged communities and get them into new jobs created by the legalization of marijuana and help those who have been arrest or convicted of cannabis sale or possession to have the same chances as those that have suffered because of the illegality of a substances that is becoming legal across the country.

The cannabis community and grows would be required to hire works from communities that have been impacted by marijuana crimes or work to reinvest in them for further development and growth.

Along the same lines, Democrats want to take the taxes that will be generated by cannabis sales and return the proceeds to those communities with impoverished neighborhoods and high unemployment.

In pushing for such a change in their own legislature and they are encouraging the expunging of records that have marijuana-related arrests and convictions. It will make for a very balanced and fair new system if Connecticut manages to pass it before their session is over.