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Denver International Airport Bans Marijuana

With the new year here, travelers that enjoy marijuana will most certainly be scanning the Internet in the next couple months, as people start to look toward Colorado as their ideal vacation destination.  Once the tickets have been booked, a lot of people will get to the TSA lines already aware that they’ll need to have their shoes off and the laptops out of their respective bags.


For some individuals, abiding by the 3-1-1 mandate may seem more obvious than the idea of leaving the pot off the plane.  After all, in the last few days, there have been more than a couple of tourists that have ventured to the state of Colorado to partake in their own pot purchasing once recreational sales became legal a few days ago.  And more than likely, there will be at least a handful of people that either forget that they have buds in their bags or folks that will try to argue the legality where they purchased the pot should allow them to take it with them.  After all, people can get pretty creative.


It is for these people that Denver International Airport (DIA) has become the first facility to officially ban marijuana since it became recreationally legal.  Besides not bringing weapons or liquids greater than three ounces in one bag per passenger, travelers are being reminded that cannabis purchased around Colorado needs to stay away from the airport’s campus.  More than anything, because the airport is a large, international hub, it seems only reasonable that those in charge of the space would likely side with the ideals of the federal government.