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Eating Weed: Marijuana Edibles for Dining Delight

Eating Weed: Marijuana Edibles for Dining Delight

You are not a smoker and you don't really like the idea of vaporizing to enjoy a rapid pick-me-up. Now you can enjoy the benefits of marijuana consumption through eating and drinking. It's easy and it tastes good as well. While consuming weed as a beverage or an edible means you'll be absorbing it through your digestive system, you'll still enjoy its benefits in spite of how quickly or not the effect sets in or how long that lovely feeling lasts. It may take longer to feel the effects but the duration may last considerably longer than inhalation.


How is marijuana edible made?


Some are made using hashish while others use a distilled version of cannabis which is oil without flavor or odor, or even crystals of cannabinoid which can be introduced through butter or some type of oil or fat.


How intoxicating will your food be?


The THCA in raw cannabis must be transformed through heating into the intoxicating form of THC. Then the intoxication effect depends on your THC quantity and if CBD is in the food as well. Distilled THC is specifically employed because of its intoxicating effect. How much THC will be in what you consume depends on the number of milligrams in your edible. A chocolate bar may contain 50 milligrams of cannabinoids, so if you only want 5 milligrams for your personal use, you can beak your chocolate bar into 10 pieces and eat a single square.


You can make or bake your own marijuana edibles at home by heating the dry flower in butter, fat or oil to extract the cannabinoids. Strain your mixture for plant materials and the chosen fat can be used in any recipe of your choosing with a 1:1 ratio. Favorite edibles include brownies, cookies, chocolate, and cakes together with cannabis-infused drinks.