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Execution on Jackie Chan's Son for Marijuana?

Could this be true?  Could the son of Jackie Chan be executed for marijuana?  That is correct but don’t expect that to actually happen.  In 2010, six people were executed over drug charges.  Jaycee Chan was arrested Monday with Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung for consumption of marijuana in Beijing.  Kaycee Chan was also caught with 100 grams of marijuana; wonder if it was some dank shit? 


This is biggest profile marijuana case in China for years now.  Even though it’s only 100 grams of marijuana, it’s the people that got busted that are bringing world attention to this arrest.  Apparently Jaycee is also on suspicion for harboring drug users.  Chan could see rehab up to 3 years in prison or even execution if caught for selling drugs. 


China is known to execute offenders on UN’s International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.  I think that’s kind of Fucked up but that’s just my opinion and I guess if I think about it, any better day than that?   7800 people were caught with drugs in Beijing over the past 2 months.  That’s a shit load!


Jackie Chan is an anti-drugs spokesperson in China so it will be fun to watch and see what moves Jackie can make to get his son out of trouble.  If Jaycee and Ko were in Colorado or Washington, Jackie would probably be making another movie as we speak instead of trying to get his son out of trouble.  Jackie is well known in China and has many businesses and investments in China.  Jackie and Jaycee are also on many Chinese advertisements across the Chinese speaking regions.

Take a look at a marijuana video below.  I don't know what they're saying but I'm sure it's not good for the Chan family.