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Fighting Anxiety with CBD Oil

Fighting Anxiety with CBD Oil

CBD is FDA approved to treat epilepsy only, but new research is showing how CBD can treat other disorders. These other disorders include various forms of anxiety and other mood disorders. This a great benefit for people looking for something that will work.

The Permanente Journal published a study they conducted using CBD oils to treat anxiety disorders. 79% of the people in the survey indicated a lessening of their symptoms of anxiety. Though further testing will need to be done to make their findings conclusive.

CBD is used by 14% of Americans with 37% of those users using it to treat Anxiety. Of the 37% of CBD users, 63% indicated it was very effective at handling the problem of treating anxiety.

CBD, Cannabidiol, occurs naturally in cannabis plants. Found in marijuana and hemp products, hemp itself is high in CBD with little THC. While CBD is still in testing for the number of possible ways it can help and treat people, hemp is legal for use in the textile market.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain are thought to be responsible for the effectiveness of CBD in treating anxiety. Those receptors are responsible for how the serotonin in the brain receives signals. The neurotransmitter, serotonin, has been shown as the main contributor to depression and anxiety.

Serotonin levels drop when the person is depressed or anxious and CBD is proving effective for some people to combat this drop. Scans of the human brain, while the person is using CBD, have shown changes in blood flow in the brain. These blood flow changes are in the areas of the brain responsible for mood control.

Medical cannabis laws and restrictions prevent more in-depth research into possible benefits of CBD in the medical community. This hasn’t stopped people from around the United States from embracing CBD as a possible treatment.

A popular CBD marijuana strain is Charlotte's Web.