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Florida’s Medical Marijuana Dominated by Big Business

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Dominated by Big Business

The State of Florida currently has 300,000 medical marijuana patients and 14 medical marijuana license holders for the “medical marijuana super license”. The “medical marijuana super license is a license to not selling marijuana products, but to grow and process them as well. Florida’s first five license holders are large corporations that currently control 82 percent of the cannabis industry in Florida.

This frustrates the owner of the FTG nursery, John Allen and his business partner William Reese. They submitted their application on time, back in November with a check for $60,830 so that they can be recipients of these long-sought licenses. Any problems with the application need to address to the applicant within 30 days and a decision is supposed to be within 90 days. The 90 days are long past and nothing has happened. Even a Federal judge is pushing the state to give John Allen a license or to inform him why it is denied

While the FTG Nursery continues to wait for its license, it is hoping to block the agency from award 8 more licenses while theirs remains in limbo. The state is only allowing a certain number of cannabis stores to operate within the State of Florida and even fewer of these will be granted the “medical marijuana super license”.

The agency granting the licenses indicates that there is no open period for granting licenses and that the application was too early which did not give them any obligation to process it. There are four of the coveted licenses left to be given and at this point in time, there is no reason for John Allen to not be given one.

John Allen is worried FTG will be denied a license because he and his business partner are only a small farmer’s business that will be pushed out in favor of the bigger players in the market. If FTG does get the license, it will also be the first full-service medical marijuana provider in Southwest Florida. It will also be the first black-owned license holder.