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France Cultivates the Idea of Allowing Medical Marijuana

Sure, there are certainly countries that are more liberally-minded that the United States.  There are also those that don’t quite make headlines when it comes to ground-breaking, out-of-the-box thinking.  France, for the most part, tends to come in on the latter part of that.  For the most part, the country doesn’t make it into the news very often, and the country isn’t super well-known for breaking the mold of popular opinion.


In the last few days, we’re proud to announce that this might have changed, at least where the ideas of marijuana lie.  According to reports, France decided to allow cannabis-infused medical products last June after Health Minister Marisol Touraine signed off on permitting his country to join the likes of its European neighbors such as the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy.  While three of the aforementioned countries permit medical marijuana usage, in one form or another, the UK is actually home to the pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures the mouth spray known as Sativex, which is the cannabis-based medicine recently approved by France.


While the fine for cultivating and selling marijuana remains strict and costly in France, it seems that the country is coming around, slowly but surely.  Now that Sativex has officially been approved by the country’s Health Minister, patients with multiple sclerosis will officially be the first persons to receive legally approved medical marijuana treatments in France.  It’s surely a slow road for any other legalization in that part of the world, however, as recreational use, as well as any other medical possibilities, remain off the table for now.


All change comes with its own magnitude.  Some is small, and some is huge.  Sometimes you have to start with baby steps!