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Full Spectrum of Cannabis Extracts

Full Spectrum of Cannabis Extracts

Normal extracts remove portions of the plant that are deemed unnecessary for the final product. Removing parts of the plant reduce the final product and certain depth of experience is removed. Customers don’t usually care if they are still able to get high. The problem comes out in lack of flavor as it’s removed with the extracted parts.

Understanding full-spectrum cannabis means learning that there are more than 80 cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that work together. They give a full-spectrum its entire flavor.  Medical research has shown that using the entire marijuana plant for treating medical conditions, inflammation and pain treatments can do more for the patient than just a portion of the plant.

CBD only extracts have removed the THC portion of the marijuana. There are multiple reasons why someone would prefer only this portion of the plant, but without the THC it is like half a symphony. The media talks about success stories from treating children with CBD product but fail to inform the viewing audience that the children are often given whole plant extracts.

Experts in the field denote this practice because there is no way to treat seizures without a dose of THC in their cannabis product. It’s not easy to track down these full-spectrum products as there is not as much of a demand for CBD or THC together. They are also expensive.

The expense is offsetting to many people and a retailer should be able to prove their full-spectrum products are legal and the exact product one might be searching for to treat seizures and other medical conditions. The process to develop the products full are extensive so many growers and manufacturers are unwilling to work to develop them so you'll never seem the at your local marijuana dispensary stores.