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Grow Your Own Pet Weed

Grow Your Own Pet Weed

Nutrient-rich soil, sunlight and water and you have the tools to grow your own cannabis plants. Medical marijuana patients in Illinois will be allowed to grow their own medicine starting next year. Over 82,000 people are eligible to grow their own five plants and several companies are stepping in to help them do just that.

States like Colorado and California are stepping in to help consumers legal grow their own weed with prepackaged grow-your-own marijuana kits. At the Independent Garden Center Show, they had a corner of it called the “Cannabis Corner”. Attendees of the show could stop to feel a little nutrient-rich soil and take a pamphlet about keeping the soil rich for marijuana growing.

Many of the products already for sale are grow-your-own kits for your own marijuana plants. They are available online and can be shipped anywhere marijuana is legal. A Pot for Pot, one of the booths at the Independent Garden Center Show, was displaying their thriving marijuana plants in a display of how it can be done.

Each of the marijuana plants represented a different age of growth. One plant was 80 days old making it ready to be harvested, while the other was only 40 days old and displayed no buds as yet. The five-pronged leaves were very distinct and green for both.

One California-based marijuana kit company looks at the average marijuana customer and gives them a helping hand. The average customer will only grow 1 to 3 ounces with one of these kits, but it is enough to get them started. The seeds are not included in these kits, they have to be ordered directly from A Pot for Pot’s business partner in the Netherlands.

The kits come in different sizes and at different prices with a 5-gallon kit costing upwards of $100, with a desktop version costing only $30.