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Helping Veterans in Jacksonville Florida Find ReLEAF

Helping Veterans in Jacksonville Florida Find ReLEAF


Buds for Vets was established to help the younger military community find help in treating their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) received from in combat fighting most recently in the Middle East.

Many Iraqi War veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD. The numbers are between 11 to 20 percent of them. Ryan Healy, an Iraqi war veteran, admits that being on 12 different pill medications wrecked his life almost as much as the PTSD. He contacted Buds for Vets in a desperate attempt to get help and was given help getting a medical marijuana card from a medical marijuana doctor. He says it has completely changed his life.

548 veterans have already been helped in the Jacksonville area. Much of the help the industry is giving to the veterans involves finding the funds to pay for the process as Tyler Hayden, a dispensary manager, said. It is not cheap and the process can be confusing for even the most experienced people.

A lot of the efforts are being directed towards the homeless veteran population which has been hit hard because of their experiences. Many do not receive the help they need and more commit suicide every year. Tyler Hayden wonders if 10 of his friends would be alive right now if they had been able to get medical marijuana.

The VA cannot recommend marijuana as a treatment for PTSD because it is considered illegal by the Federal Government, but there is an epidemic going on in the veteran community and more people are going to die if they do not get the medicine and help they deserve. Buds for Vets has been able to help those that they can, but they cannot reach them all.