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High-end Paraphernalia for your High

High-end Paraphernalia for your High

If you are interested in having a solid gold bong or your girlfriend’s name engraved into the side of your pipe in diamonds, then you might want to visit some of the high-end department stores. Barney’s of New York is one of the stores that has recently opened their new special shop of high-end paraphernalia.

Money is no object when you visit a store like Barney’s New York. Its gift department has expanded to include such items like a solid gold rolling tray with a gold tamper in the shape of a queen’s scepter. The price tag for this custom set that is only handled by gloved employees is $8,000.

When interviewed, Barney’s indicated that it is an amazing opportunity to meet a new kind of need for the customer with money to spend. Barney’s is getting help in collaborating with experienced paraphernalia vendors. Their primary business is for high-end fashion accessories so this is an entirely new world they are exploring.

Barney’s is looking to be the first of many major retailers to open a luxury cannabis store. It is something they are looking to expand within the states that have already legalized with the anticipation of those that will follow.  Paraphernalia stores are not new, but there are few that will cater to such high-end requests.

How did Barney’s start their journey to marijuana high-end retail establishment? They started exploring the market and doing surveys of what is the best-of-the-best and what sort of market their items would have.

They wanted to be able to advise to their customers what marijuana strains are really the best and have supplies ready for any of those choices. They have spent well over a year researching and preparing for to serve their customer’s needs.