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How Much is Connecticut Paying for their Weed?

Connecticut is now legal to sell medical marijuana to their patients but how much is it going to cost them?  Well, it’s going to cost the 2300 registered patients a little more than it would cost if you were to buy it off the streets.  At Compassionate Care Center, they are selling their weed for $100 for 5grams.  Yes, living in Cali now, that’s a lot to pay for so little.  They also sell their ounces from $450-$600 per ounce…ouch!! 

Dispensary owners in Connecticut feel the marijuana prices will decrease over time because as more and more patients register, more growers will become available to supply the dispensaries and lower their costs.  Right now, there aren’t enough growers to keep the prices down since there are only 6 growers.  Since there are only 6 growers, they must lack in marijuana strains that people seek out for their medications.  That’s insane to me to only have that few growers for the whole state of Connecticut.  There are also only 6 marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut and that also seems nuts to me.  If I lived there, I’m sure I would continue to pay off the streets and only if I couldn’t find any would I go to the dispensaries.  I’m sure their weed is much better than off the streets though.  Their patients are limited on how much they can purchase and can only buy 2 ½ ounces each month. 

 But Connecticut, that’s a start!!