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Is Odorless Marijuana Strains the Wave of the Future?

Is Odorless Marijuana Strains the Wave of the Future?

Odorless marijuana will be good for business and the consumer because it will remove social stigmas and scents from a person who chooses to smoke weed. The theory is that developing a marijuana bud without scent will appeal to those that wish greater privacy in marijuana use or to not smell in the workplace.

The startup company is in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and the bud they are looking to grow will have little to no smell as it burns and will be indictable when it is just the dried flowers.

The weed, named PURECANN, originated as the idea of an odorless weed was to remove that very harsh smell that all marijuana strains have when smoked. This strain will be virtually free of all scent. It also is working to smooth out that first puff which typically results in coughing.

The idea of scentless marijuana and a smoother first drag is particularly appealing to those that use marijuana for medical purposes. Many are first-time marijuana users and are unfamiliar with smoking of any sort, and this will make the transition to medical marijuana patient smoother. They also want to reduce notice as they use their medicine.

The maker PURECANN, CannabCo saw many potential benefits from creating an odorless bud and a smoother hit. They are looking to go beyond just getting patients their medicine. They want it to be a new industry trend.

The idea is to provide people with a way to enjoy their weed without leaving the proof of that enjoyment. In Example: a woman not need to worry about the smell leaking out of her purse or making it smell.

The complication is just providing this for medical patients or those that want to enjoy a scent-free weed. The cause might fail with full legalization across the United States as removing the smell wouldn’t be needed. Legalization is not a concern in Canada, where marijuana is already legal.