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LGBTQ has pride in the Marijuana Culture

LGBTQ has pride in the Marijuana Culture

Many cannabis companies are looking to have the LGBTQ community join them in supporting their growing industry. If they are able to get some of the community to join them in their efforts than the LGBTQ community would be the fourth largest marijuana consumer group in the country. It is estimated to be worth $4.6 trillion dollars.

The LGBTQ community is seen as one of the largest marijuana consuming groups and capitalism is being blamed for this latest move to attract support in the LGBTQ community to help it feel more authentic to their group and align more fully with the queer community.

Marijuana supporter, Gig Engle, sees the marijuana industry as aligning with the queer community more than other groups. Support for marijuana has always been in the queer community and there is a long history of marijuana use within the queer community.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic pushed the legalization issue further than it has ever gone before and many people within the LGBTQ community have supported it since then. Steve L. and Dennis Peron were the ones to fight the legal battle for medical cannabis rights. They won their battle and Steve L. became the first person to receive marijuana for medical purposes.

Dennis Peron’s efforts brought legalization to California and opened the eyes of many people to the medical benefits of marijuana in the treatment of the terminally ill. Peron is not only an openly gay man, but he is considered the founder of the legal cannabis movement. Much of his work focused on bringing marijuana to the AIDS damaged gay community where it was needed to help treat those people medically.

Within the last two decades, the use of cannabis products is found to be higher in the queer community than in the straight community. This is thought to be because the marijuana industry has been part of their community for decades.

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