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Legal Marijuana Growers can't use Federal Irrigation

US, on Tuesday, decided to be clear to legal marijuana growers about federal irrigation.  The US Board of Reclamation is referencing and holding to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and won't allow federal irrigation to be allowed or otherwise be fined.  They will report it and forward this to the The Department of Justice; where they will take it from there.  The Department of Justice said, last year, they wouldn't go after and sue growers, processors and sellers as long as they are well regulated.   It sounds like this may be temporary but delays are never fun to work through.  

17 States are within Reclamation and most are in the west; including legal marijuana states Colorado and Washington.  All these 17 states are within the Controlled Substance Act and therefore aren't allowed for marijuana growing.  There is about 1.2 acres of irrigated land that is from Reclamation used for Colorado and Washington.  The bureau controls many dams and waterways that run through the west.  Currently, many growers are using Reclamation water and are just shutting their mouths.  

Over time, we'll see what happens with federal water in regards to marijuana.  One thing we now, the plant needs it to survive.