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Marc Emery Released from Prison

Marc Emery is a Free Man

Who would have thought when Marc Emery went to prison 5 years ago, we would have 2 states are legal for recreational use and 23 states are legal for medicinal treatment.  Washington began selling recreational marijuana this past Monday and New York just became legal for medicinal treatment.  Marc Emery, Prince of Pot, tweeted this morning to his wife Jodie Emory.  They plan on advocating across 30 cities in Canada and going over seas to events supporting the legalization of marijuana.  

Marc Emery was Sentenced to Prison

In 2010, Marc Emery was sentenced to Prison in Seattle after he sold marijuana seeds from Canada to United States.  Now he's being transported to a deportation location in Louisiana where the time estimate is unknown.  Here's what Jodie Emory said:
“We have no idea when he’ll cross into Canada” Marc’s wife, Jodie Emery tells AM980, “I’ll get a phone call and he’ll say ‘Jodi get to the Vancouver airport, they’re flying me out!’ And I’ll have one day to get out to Toronto, to get to Windsor where they drop him off at the Detroit-Windsor border.”
So it may take a while before he returns to his home country.  

We will see in the near future what holds for Marc Emery.  Will he start selling marijuana seeds again?  Will he tour the world being a spokesperson for marijuana?  Well, what ever happens, best wishes to you Marc Emery!