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Marijuana Delivery Service Coming soon to Massachusetts

Marijuana Delivery Service Coming soon to Massachusetts

In 2016, Massachusetts legalized marijuana for recreational use. Now the Cannabis Control Commission is discussing how to handle mairjuana delivery services. At the time of legalization, there were many nervous people about the prospects of legal marijuana.  Now, these safety concerns are directed towards the fears associated with legalizing selling marijuana to people and having it delivered directly to a person’s home. Part of it is the fear that children will get into the delivered product.


This is still a concern for those that did not vote for legalization. There is the belief that home deliveries might place too many people at risk and open up the possibility of it getting into hands other than the intended purchaser. There are discussions pending on how to treat possible home deliveries of cannabis products.


The place for it in the current system would be much like it already is for regular purchase of marijuana from a storefront. This system would include background checks when a customer makes an order and when the order is delivered. This would prevent underage people from receiving a delivery of an adult substance.


Body cameras are on the list of items being considered for use by employees making deliveries. This is to help deter possible robberies and provide evidence of the crime should it occur. Crimes attached to the sale and distribution of marijuana products through marijuana delivery is a concern in other states looking to start deliveries.


Privacy of the purchaser is the other concern being addressed. The videos taken and how they are used and who has access would need to be strictly controlled.