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Marijuana Used as a Sleep Aid and Opioid Treatment

Marijuana Used as a Sleep Aid and Opioid Treatment

People have been using marijuana to treat different illnesses for a long time. New research is showing that more people are using it to treat sleeping problems and pain management. It is being used as a replacement for the usual aspirin or melatonin most of us have tried for our sleep problems.

In the states where marijuana is already legal, studies are being conducted on how people are using it and they are finding that upwards of 65 percent of those were using it for pain management. There are also larger amounts of people using it and not the common aspirin to treat their pains as it is seen as a more natural way to treat it.

Of the people interviewed 84 percent indicated that they use marijuana to help them sleep at night with 83 percent indicating that they had gone off of their prescription sleep aids. It is seen as a more natural way to find sleep as it is not addictive in the same way as sleep aids can be. It is also more limited on side effects which are commonly found in over-the-counter prescription drugs.

Colorado is also using marijuana to try to treat opioid addiction. There is still a lot of doubt about what is being asserted and a lot of pushback from other agencies that still view marijuana as an addictive and dangerous substance.  In the states where it is legal, people are finding relief from their pains and finding good sleep that is un-medicated.

There are many groups on both sides of the legalization fence fighting about what research is showing about marijuana use. There are serious indications that overdose deaths have increased in states that have legalized, but there are also studies proving that marijuana is successful in treating opioid addiction. It appears there is still a lot of confusion about the situation and more time is still needed to give correct answers.

You can find recreational marijuana dispensaries all over the country now.  It's easier and easier to locate facilities to purchase recreational marijuana these days.