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Marijuana can Help Protect Your Brian

Marijuana can Help Protect Your Brian

Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe how the brain grows and changes as we grow up. It is also used as a way to describe the brain’s ability to heal itself after a traumatic event like a stroke. Researchers are showing how malleable the brain is while it is on marijuana.

The human brain is a system of complex pathways that are being repaired and updated daily. The younger the brain, the more plastic it is. This makes it easier to repair in younger people, but our brains also continue to be plastic up to our deaths.

Blood flow to the brain has been mapped, but it is only the more recent studies that have started to look at marijuana and traumatic brain injuries. Cannabis can help the neuroplasticity of the brain in a number of different instances. Including:

  • A single dose of THC, when given to rodents helped protect their brains from damage and continued to do so for up to seven weeks afterward.
  • A patient having THC in their body is less likely to die if they are hospitalized even if they were hospitalized from a traumatic brain injury.

Researchers are also looking into the possibility that protein enzymes can be simulated from cannabis products in the areas of the brain associated with attention, balance, planning, memory, and judgment.

The Salk Institute is also slowly proving that low doses of THC can help reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the plaque-forming proteins from gaining footholds in a brain. It reduces inflammation and prevents the death of the neural brain cells.

More research is still needed for the full benefits to be conclusive, but these results are promising for the protection of the human brain throughout a lifetime. Nothing indicated in the research showed what the effects would be for larger amounts of cannabis being consumed.

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