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Maryland Marijuana Martyr

Maryland doesn’t make the marijuana news very often, but that might be changing soon.  Politicians are starting to get their game faces on for future elections, and among those finding a road less traveled is Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur.


Mizeur’s take on marijuana might be reflective of an attempt to find more footing in the polls, which have been low in rank as of late, or maybe it’s just a way of standing with popular opinion.  In either case, her seeming rebellion against the attitudes of status quo is gaining her attention that the voters are sure to pay attention to, too.  She’s backing the legalization of recreational marijuana with a proposition that the state’s early childhood education programs could be funded with an estimated $122.5 million to $157.5 million annually.


She, as many other advocates of legalization, backs the idea that the war on drugs hasn’t exactly gone as planned, and with the prison systems overwhelmed, it seems time to rethink the system.  If the state of Maryland can make money for educational purposes instead of spending it on criminalizing pot that’s gone wrong, why not give it a shot?  It might be a fortunate thing for Mizeur, at least right now, that the others that will soon be running in the governor’s race aren’t expressing any interest in diverting from the ways of the world today.


Elections are quite a bit away, and legalization is only gaining ground every day.  For an underdog who’s supporting “the unthinkable” in her opponents’ eyes, she may be able to climb her way to the top of the ladder with a lot more speed than the other candidates are expecting.