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Medical Marijuana and Our Four-Legged Friends

Recent studies around the country have started to explore the effects and benefits that medical marijuana is having on certain illness, particularly in children.  People of all ages have started to explore medicinal value that can be retrieved from the cannabis plant when it’s harvested and treated properly.  Is it time for our four-legged friends to experience the magical plant, as well?


Don’t misunderstand, this doesn’t mean that pot brownies should suddenly find their way on the family dog’s menu.  In fact, just as many people would find the sight of a three-year-old child letting loose on the carb of a beautiful glass pipe a bit disturbing, marijuana as recreational users know it is disturbing to dogs’ health, as well.  Veterinarians in Colorado reported last year a sudden spike in the number of dogs that were making bringing the pets into the clinics at alarming numbers.  While their high humans may think that passing around the pot is simply sharing the fun, the ingredients found in recreational marijuana actually causes neurological toxicity, which likely feels as enjoyable for the pets to experience as it sounds.


Conversely, studies are being conducted where medical uses are concerned.  Pets and people share a number of illnesses, and many of them are seeing improvements when medical marijuana is put to the test in humans.  In cases of lymphoma and other cancers, canine patients are reportedly experiencing results that chemotherapy was unable to achieve.  Epileptic dogs and those with a decreased energy have also been reported as seeing dramatic improvements in their qualities of life --- some are reported to have gotten better almost magically in just a few hours.


The essential oils that are extracted from medical marijuana for people are said to be the solution that is giving these dogs a new leash on life.  While the smoke and creations made from recreational marijuana is something to stay away from when it comes to the family’s four-legged friends, the medicinal extracts that come from cannabis may be just the thing to keep the country’s pets happier longer.

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