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Medical Marijuana is Official in Louisiana

Medical Marijuana is Official in Louisiana

As of this week, Louisiana is finally selling medical marijuana. It has been in the works for the last four years as Louisiana becomes the first state in the south to allow medical cannabis products. This is an incredible time for many people who have been waiting for medical marijuana products to reach the south.

State regulators recently completed their final tests on the two state-sanctioned growers and cleared the way for the first shipments to hit the store this week. For the last several years patients have been registering for the state-approved medical cannabis, but have been forced to wait. Hundreds of patients are now finally able to get their medicine after waiting since it was approved in 2015.

When state senator Fred Mills, a pharmacist, first introduced medical marijuana he never thought it would take this long for patients to get their products. It was hard for him to hear all the calls from approved patients with seizures and cancer inquiring on the status of the approved medical cannabis.

Most of the nine licensed distributors hosted ribbon-cutting ceremonies or opening parties to kick off the start of legal marijuana in the state. Many patients were lined up to get the first legal products in the state and the lines extended far down the roads. Many patients have used marijuana medically in the past and are happy to be able to use legally in the State of Louisiana.

Currently, the state has two authorized growers, the Louisiana State University and Southern University and state regulators are pushing the agriculture departments to get the product on the shelves faster. Advocates for medical marijuana claim the state’s unnecessary regulations are slowing down production and distribution.

Most patients are just happy the products have finally reached the shelves. Though some marijuana strains and other products are still expected to reach the store shelves, patients are still finding the relief they have waited for, for years.