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Medical Marijuana will Find Its Way to New York

The famed state in the Eastern Time zone has long been known to be progressive and liberal.  That’s part of the allure for many people that find themselves living there.  But when it comes to marijuana, New York has taken a pretty staunchly red stance on the subject, despite efforts from some otherwise successful lobbyists.


It wasn’t until very, very recently that New York’s Governor Cuomo somehow changed his perceptions on pot, and with that change, will come twenty hospitals that will benefit, according to reports.  The New York State Department of Health is the entity that’s responsible for establishing which conditions will qualify for the medical marijuana.  While New York isn’t planning on being nearly as liberal as some of its fellow United States places, there are certain ailments for which the plant will be permitted not long from now.  Reports indicate that cancers and glaucoma will be among those diseases for which people can receive medical marijuana treatments.  At this time, minor ailments like every day aches and pains are reportedly off the list for New York.


Ironically, just yesterday we reported about the angry New Yorker who visited Vail Resorts in Colorado and sent a seething letter to the company upon her departure.  We trust that we’re not alone in wondering how Ms. Arakelian took to the news of the fact that medical marijuana will be finding its way to her formerly sativa-free state.