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Midnight Snacking MadeTasty using Marijuana Strains

Midnight Snacking MadeTasty using Marijuana Strains

Finding the right snack in the middle of the night that fixes your craving can be difficult. You want to get your fix just right. That is why Nightfood Ice Cream is having such a powerful effect on people. People are excited to sample it and have it fit their nightly craving.

July is also national ice cream month and Oprah Magazine featured a round-up of some of the best products to help people snack and sleep. This type of publicity for ice cream highlights America’s growing desire for a nighttime snack that helps with sleep.

Right behind them I publicity was MJ Munchies, Inc. which is a subsection of Nightfood Holdings, Inc., that puts out sleep products infused with CBD and different kinds of marijuana strains. The edible sleep products also sell under the name of “half-Baked”.

Manufacturers and celebrities are getting on board with Night Holdings, Inc. to endorse their lines of edibles and sleep products. America wants to sleep right and they are working to help them do so. Many of the supermarkets in the United States, where marijuana is legal, have started selling the products. In fact, there are 4 of the top 50 selling them.

Nightfoods was started when it was discovered that most ice creams were consumed right before bedtime for many people. 40,000 consumers surveyed reported as such and Nightfood started providing them with a way to get their ice cream and relax too.

Nightfood has won several awards for their ice cream including Best New Ice Cream during the 2019 Dairy Innovations Awards. All the companies owned by Nightfood, holdings are working to help America sleep better and it is working too. The proliferation of sleep infusing products is spreading.