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Nearby States Claim They’re Seeing Colorado Cannabis

Colorado is a land-locked state, surrounded by mountains and warmed 300 days a year by beautiful sunshine.  And as the weather’s starting to warm up, the roads that can bring neighboring states’ residents to this mountainous western state are getting easier and easier to access.  And with recreational marijuana officially legal and booming in Colorado, visitors are finding convenient interstate routes by which to make it to dispensaries.


There are many states, particularly to the east, that have easy access to Denver via flat interstates.  Now that the snow is starting to subside, police in other places are starting to report that they’re seeing an increase in Colorado cannabis in their own hometowns.  Des Moines, Iowa’s KCCI News reports that local law enforcement there has made multiple arrests over recent weeks, and their investigations are pointing to Colorado’s cannabis as one of the main culprits.


In less than a ten hours, drivers can make their way from Des Moines to the heart of Denver where tons of dispensaries are ready to delve out potent and well-harvested buds.  Via air, the plants can’t be transported anywhere.  However, via car, that’s a whole different story.  Under the laws of Colorado, a non-Colorado resident can still purchase pot.  The limit is up to one quarter ounce each day.  The catch is that there is no system in place to identify buyers that visited a different dispensary an hour before visiting another.  Because of this, people are able to jump from dispensary to dispensary to obtain their “maximum daily allowance” under the guise of being a new-to-the-day buyer.


Dispensaries in Denver and surrounding communities report that their daily business is built largely on out-of-state residents.


Do you have opinions or concerns about Colorado’s cannabis leaving its own state?  Share your thoughts with us in the ‘Comments’ section below!