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Opioid Addiction Treatment added to Medical Marijuana Lineup In New Mexico

Opioid Addiction Treatment added to Medical Marijuana Lineup In New Mexico

New Mexico has been hit hard by opioid and drug overdoses. It is also one of the states that are fighting back by passing a new allowable medicine to help treat it. That medicine is medical marijuana.

To be able to use medical marijuana in the State of New Mexico, a patient needs to be diagnosed with one of the handful of allowable conditions that have been authorized to have medical marijuana treat their illness. Opioid addiction is joining this list.

New Mexico has been topping the list of states for drug overdoses since 2017 and it hopes to slow the deaths using marijuana to treat the addition and reduce the dependence on other drugs. New Mexico joins eight other states to recognize marijuana as a tool to be used against the addictions that need treatment.

New Mexico’s medical cannabis boards have been advocating for the use of marijuana to treat the massive amount of people that are fighting opioid addictions in the state. They have also been pushing it to treat other substance abuse problems such as tobacco, alcohol, and stimulants.

Three states already have specific provisions in place to use marijuana to treat patients who have addiction disorders such as opioid addiction. These three states are New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. New Mexico is looking to add provisions that are similar to these state’s provisions because they have the highest deaths of any state west of Tennessee with 24.8 deaths per 100,000 people.

More states are finally stepping up and taking control of their opioid and addiction problems by using natural and safe medicine to help fight it. Medical marijuana is not addictive and for some people, it is the only thing that might help them.