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Picking the Right Marijuana Strain in Massachusetts

Picking the Right Marijuana Strain in Massachusetts

When Marijuana first became legal in Colorado, hundreds flocked to the state to try the first legal pot they had ever bought. The same thing started happening once Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana. They currently have 22 marijuana dispensaries in operation have already sold $291 million products in the short time it has been legal.

How to Shop for Your Marijuana

With 22 shops available to choose from, you might want to visit several and sample the products they offer because each store will have its own marijuana strains and custom blends to try. Most recreational establishments will have their website so you can review their products before you even enter their store.

Contacting some of them is advisable so you can get assistance with the experience you want to have. If you are new to the marijuana world, you will definitely want to talk with someone first as some of the strains are extremely potent.

Picking Your Marijuana Strain

Each store has its own strains and combinations of different buds to create amazing combinations of smokeable or edible products with names like Pink Lemonade or Girl Scout Cookies.

This is a soothing and calming strain that is a terrific product for nighttime relaxation. It is not something you want to enjoy at a party, but when you need to downshift your mood.

This strain will lift you up and give you an amplified, cerebral high. You can be stimulated as much as you want, but it may be too much for some.  If it gets overdone, you will experience more anxiety and paranoid feelings.


Hybrid strains are a combination of Indica and Sativa strains. This can be more of one strain or the other depending on what you want to experience. Together you get a mixed effect.


  • CBD Strains

CBD is cannabidiol. It is in all marijuana products, but CBD only products have no THC. You can enjoy this product to give you a bit of a lift in your life. It helps relieve anxiety and other medical conditions.

Picking the right strain is important for what you want for your experience. Not all strains will get you high and some will help you tame other problems in your life.