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Pot Polling Tidbits from New York

New York hasn’t been incredibly quick to jump on the joint bandwagon, but it hasn’t stopped a certain amount of citizens and some brave businesses from branching out and lighting up or embracing the budding industry.  But just because weed hasn’t made its way into the realm of being legal, it doesn’t mean that the residents of the state aren’t in majority of support of the measure.


The good people at Quinnipiac University have released a new poll related to pot, and this time they’ve hit up the citizens of the state of New York to get their thoughts on the plant.  Not incredibly surprisingly, the majority of the folks that were polled are in favor of legalization.  Breaking the numbers down by age group, the institution reports that voters in the 18 to 29 age group stand favorably behind legalization by an 83% to 14% ratio.  Voters in the 65 and older age group reportedly oppose legalization measures by 57% to 38%.  Interestingly, 69% of the latter said also indicated that they’ve never lit up, which seems like a high percentage, considering the point in history in which the majority of those people would have been growing up. 


Breaking the numbers down by gender, males favor legalization over their female counterparts.  63% of men are reported to be in favor of at least small quantities of pot for personal use while a lesser amount of women (but still greater than half of those polled) like the idea, with the supporters coming in at 51%.


When it comes to looking at how pot stacks up against other substances, just over half believe that smoking pot doesn’t lead to the use of harder substances, and just under half think it’s equally as dangerous as alcohol.


What do you think of the latest pot polling numbers?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!