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Rappers Redman and Method Man Endorse Marijuana

Rappers Redman and Method Man Endorse Marijuana

Two American rappers Redman and Method Man are longtime advocates of the benefits and use of marijuana. Method Man has made the cover of High Times magazine several times since 1993, displaying marijuana pictures, and has helped them with their recreational marijuana promotion.

Redman has made much of a career on marijuana and has released many songs about using pot. He even worked on the pot-themed movie score known as How High. His most recent entrepreneurial ventures include starting his own 420 clothing line and investing in the creation of a cannabis app.

Recently there was a summit of well-known figures from music, the NHL, and investors known as Cannaramic. This online summit included over 25 cannabis experts former NHL players Riley Cote and Ryan VandenBussche. If you want to see it, you can subscribe to be notified when encores of it air.

Redman is using his cannabis activism to push for legalization as well as trying to bust the myth that marijuana is a gateway drug into harder drugs. He is also pushing hard for people of color to benefit within the cannabis industry. He wants cannabis studies to continue so that more medical benefits can be found and more people can be helped.

His main goal is to change the Federal Government’s classification of marijuana as a dangerous substance.  He wants people to be able to benefit in this budding market, not just pharmaceutical companies and the governments controlling them. He would like real dreams to be built out of it.

Redman and Method Man are now wanting to promote their own brands of marijuana not just lend their names to something grown and controlled by someone else. Both rappers are actively pushing to get their own brands and labels for them off the ground in the near future. Both men want to help people through their marijuana.