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Smoked by Stupidity

I’m not sure how we missed this one, but it’s good definitely a story worth sharing, even if it’s a few days after the fact!  There are plenty of “Stupidest Thieves” lists floating around online, and each year, people document the dumbest criminals that make headlines.  Honestly, the stories rarely get old, and interestingly, there is always someone out there recreating the wheel with fresh and invigorating new ways to make the top of the years’ “dumbest” lists.


With marijuana dispensaries still pretty new in most of the country, we haven’t yet gotten to see the stupidity that ensues when a criminal tries to take to the art of illegally obtaining a substances, which is otherwise (at least in one form or another, legal).  That is, until now.


Late last month, the city of San Jose, California officially hosted a headline-making burglary attempt when a man decided it would be a great idea for him to break into one of the local dispensaries.  According to reports, the man opted to enter the dispensary through the roof of the establishment, and thanks to modern technology, audio was captured throughout the break-in.  According to reports, when the burglar figured out that his plan would soon be foiled, he opted to hide in a very small elevator shaft.  The alarm company notified local police, who sent a canine unit, which ultimately found the man in the elevator shaft, as well as a total of thirty five officers.


As the argument goes, some people are pointing to this being the exact reason that marijuana shouldn’t be legalized, as it’s a clear exhaustion on police resources.  On the other hand, people have been pretty quick to point out that this was one single man, and not a very smart one, at that.  After all, there were thirty five people sent to deal with one thief who was legitimately stuck inside an elevator shaft for more than three hours.  In all honesty, the thief probably did most of the hard work.