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Some Popular Marijuana Strains in 2019

The Best Marijuana Strains of 2019

Every business that grows its own product, will say that theirs is the best product, but while every strain of cannabis has its own unique flavors and effects, not all are made equal.

Since legalization, Colorado has been pushing for increases in potency and flavor to improve their products. Some of their top products are in their stores now, but if you wait a couple of years, more is promised to come.

Bubble gum is calming and people like the sound. Bubble jack is uplifting and has hints of pine and citrus. The effects are described as a blend of flavor.

Lilac Diesel will give you a sudden rush of energy like a shot of coffee, but you will relax into a calm giggle that will leave you craving something to nibble on. This is good edible for neck pain and upset stomachs. It is also a perfect strain for preparing for bed despite the energy rush.

This is a unique mix of Girl Scout cookies, cherry pie, and Star Dawg. You will get a series of flavors that will help you enjoy your trip. You start with a Cherry Pie boost and calm down with a pine tree and earth mellowness.

This is a calming and relaxing strain that will add a bit of sugar and strawberry to your day or night. It is considered a terrific way to calm down after a long day and drift into a peaceful sleep at the end of the evening.

Bear Dance is a bit of Snow Cap and Suge Pure Kush. It is a strain that is best used in the day time, but it is also considered a hybrid. The strain has a fruit and cheese taste which are considered a great after-dinner edible. It is also calming with strains of euphoria which help you relax after a long day.

This is a strain that has a syrupy grape aroma and is made from purple buds. It gives you a burst of energy after it is consumed, but is more of an after-dinner edible which you bring you down easily and helps you sleep.