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States that "Smoke the Rest"

Which US state do you think has the highest percentage of residences smoking marijuana monthly?  Well, the numbers are in and it looks like Washington nor Colorado nor California were the top smoking state.  If you can believe it, little Rhode Island that was the “Big Chief” here.  13% of residences in Rhode Island smoke marijuana at least once a month; which is just over 1 of 8 people in the state. 


Top 10 States that Smoke Marijuana


Rhode Island - 13.00

Alaska – 12.97

Vermont – 12.86

Oregon – 12.16

Montana – 10.45

Colorado – 10.41

Washington – 10.21

Massachusetts – 9.37

New Mexico – 9.14

California – 9.08



Other states that had a “high” percentage of marijuana tokers were of course Washington & Colorado.  Both these state are now recreational and you saw the #s climb a little after this happened.  California was surprising to me to come in at #10 and look at Vermont at 12.86, Wow.  You Go Vermont!  The largest age group to smoke pot was 18-25 and 19% within this age group smoked within the past month.  The state that most smokes after age 26 is Alaska at 11.18. 


Let’s take a look at the overall country and see who smokes the most!  It appears the West has smoked the rest at 9.01.  With Florida becoming legal, these numbers should rise a little.  The south was clearly the lowest because of states such as: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas & West Virginia. 


Northeast - 7.72

Midwest - 6.86

South – 5.83

West – 9.01